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Our Town Crier
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Connecting business and consumers, the old fashioned way!
Reach our audience of 10,000+ targeted key local residents today!
yearly registration will include:
*Your key business information *A video and photo gallery
*A word document - for a catalog, list of services, menu, class schedule, etc.
*A special events/announcement space, always available at any time.
*Customer testimonials - room for three.
*One offer/incentive with a photo.
*A direct link to your business’s website on your “Our Town Crier” web page
* We will set-up your page on the site, if changes are necessary additional fees will apply.
Also included:
*Inclusion in our newsletter as needed and as space permits, usually monthly.
*Photographs and video testimonials taken at your place of business, as discussed.
*Help with marketing and promotional ideas as needed.
*Traffic reports provided annually.
Please note, if extensive help is needed, additional fees may apply.
Better than Groupon or Living Social…
*This service is included with your membership.
“Our Town Crier” will never take any of YOUR money!

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Betsy Pollak

203 842-4232 FAX
Address: 6 George Street, Westport, CT 06880